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What people are saying about Doug and his swim teaching:

Hi Doug:

My son was so proud to have gained your respect and for the improvement of his skills. I am as usual eternally thankful for what you do and have done for my children. You are a great coach and a fabulous, patient, warm and loving teacher.

Take good care,

-Shideh (Danville)



Thanks for a great pair of swim lessons with the girls today. Tiffany and I are very impressed with the progress you've already helped them make. We're both so glad we got in touch with you instead of signing up for another summer of group lessons at the city pool, taught by unprepared instructors and ending with minimal progress. The girls were really proud of themselves and excited for their next lesson.

Thanks again,

Wade (Fairfield)


Thanks, Doug!  The boys get lots of compliments on their swimming and we always credit the excellent instruction they received from Coach Doug Senz in CA.

-Diana (Austin, Texas)


Dear Doug,

Just wanted to let you know that we LOVED Alana's first swim lesson and we can't wait for the next one.

-Cynthia (Lafayette)



Thank you for yesterday, I saw more improvement in Jack's swimming in that 30min, than the last 2 summers of swim team.  


-Brett (Lafayette)



I really appreciate what you have done for our girls.  I enjoy your teaching style and kids do too.  Thanks for being such a great coach!

-Tome (Moraga)



I learned more about swimming in a half hour with you than I did during the entire last class I took. Thanks.

-Ron (Danville - adult)


Dear Doug,

We have moved to Placerville in a house that happens to have a pool. You will always remain in Rodney’s heart and memory as “the man who taught me to swim.” Rodney still wears his goggles and loves to swim. His first trip in he was a little hesitant, but within 15 minutes he was swimming great. We are in an area that has two acres and lots of room for Rodney to play and have a chance to grow into a contributing human being.  We all love it here. I will send your cards to my family down there with rave reviews of your teaching.

God bless you.

-Rene (Concord/Placerville)


My daughters, Katie and Sarah, on the first day of their first lessons, knew how to kick and kind of use their arms to swim freestyle for about two yards in the pool. By the last day of lessons, they could swim freestyle across the pool as well as do two kinds of backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and a rudimentary butterfly. Not only did they learn to swim, but they had fun while learning. I had promised them that they only had to attend one lesson because they did not want to take swim lessons. After the first day with Doug there was never a question about wanting to go to swim lessons. In fact, Katie had to miss two lessons due to illness (swimmer’s ear) and one would have thought it was the end of the world. Doug’s ability to teach the kids, show them how to do it, his sense of humor and his unfailing patience, all contributed to a wonderful experience for my daughter.

-Diana (Orinda)



We are astounded at Chelsea’s progress in swimming. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. The results are very much appreciated. See you again next year.


- Jamie and Alan, (Pleasant Hill)


Dear Doug,

I will be eternally grateful that you were able to turn my grandson into a swimmer.

Best regards,

- Diane (Benicia)



We just wanted to let you know that this will be Jacob’s last week. But we also wanted to tell you much we appreciate all you’ve done for him. You have a wonderful way with kids and Jacob has made leaps and bounds under your instruction. See you next year. Thanks so much.

- Diane (Concord)


Dear Doug:

Thank you for helping me get to the county meet. See you next year. I can’t wait.

-Zach (Lafayette)



You’re an awesome swim instructor. Every time I hear one of my friends doing group lessons at the park, I tell them about you and how got my two little introverted children to open up and learn how to swim. As you know, with Emily and Ben, that is no small feat. See you next year!


- Dawn (Pleasant Hill)


Dear Doug:

Thanks for the terrific summer of swim lessons for Ryan, Kyle and Carly! This was the first time Kyle and Carly had lessons and they learned sooo much so quickly from you. See you again in the Spring.

- Debbie (Martinez)



Thank you so much for your great teaching. We’re so happy that Stacie is so much more safe and confident in the water and that she loves swimming now!

We’ll see you next year!!

-Kathy and Detlef (Lafayette)


Dear Doug,

Thank you for teaching all of my strokes so that I would be able to swim them better than I have before. You taught me to count the flags on backstroke lots of times so I was always able to finish perfectly. If I get a gold at the OMPA, I owe it all to you. I will never forget how much you’ve helped me this season. You have always made me smile!

Your swimmer,

- Lauren (Orinda)


Dear Mr. Senz,

Thank you for teaching Neil how to swim and to be safe in the water. It took a special teacher like you to make this happen. We thank you for being patient and caring and for being strict and diligent throughout.

- Nita and Anil (El Cerrito)


Hi Doug:

The other day we were thinking of you and thanking God for having given the opportunity for our son to be your student. You have made a great difference in our son’s life. You are a great teacher. You are the best, positive, male influence in our son’s life. YOU TAUGHT HIM HOW TO SWIM! We still think it is a dream. Before that we had tried for years and years in every single place. Thank you very very much.

- Kasi (Pleasant Hill)


Dear Doug:

Well summer is almost over and we are sending you our gratitude for helping Francesca learn to swim. She gained the all-important confidence and “can do” spirit that she needed from you. She is now a happy and eager little swimmer now and we are relieved and delighted.  We just want you to know what a success her lessons were, in our eyes.

- Robineve and John (Walnut Creek)


Thank you Doug for your expert help in teaching an adult the art of swimming and for your patience. I promise I will continue to use those skills you taught me.

- Amelia (Orinda)


I want to thank you so much for what you did for Megan. You were, without question, the reason Megan was able to accomplish what she accomplished (OMPA Outstanding Girl Swimmer and County Champion).

- George (Orinda)


Hi Doug:

Well, today was the last day of the OMPA and the girls did well. Courtney bettered her time in the backstroke and breast and Maddy did best times in free and back. Thanks for the great coaching help this spring/summer. Both George and I felt you significantly improved Courtney and Maddy’s swimming this year!

-Nancy (Moraga)



We’re done with the first day of the OMPA and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your help with John this past year. This was the first OMPA in about 6 years where John actually had best times.

- Robin (Orinda)