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Over 30 Years of Experience

All Ages And Levels

     -Infant To Adult

Nonswimmer To Competitive

Special Needs Expertise

Private Lessons

Flexible Scheduling

Warm Water

Proper Stroke Development

Please note:

My teaching hours flex to adapt to my son's changing schedule.


 Doug Senz Swim Lessons has been designated as a whining and wimpiness free zone.

Coach Doug’s Information and Rules:

Please be kind to my neighbors. Park in my driveway and leave room for a second car or park on the street in front of my house.


For safety reasons, all students must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the lesson. Dropping off is not allowed.


Running, horseplay and loud talking (especially on cell phones) will not be tolerated. Those not in the water need to sit quietly on the bench or in chairs and watch the lessons, read, or do homework.  Please stay off of the hill and out of the plants. This eliminates distractions and creates a positive learning environment.


Please make sure that everyone stays off of and away from the pool cover and the tracks. They are expensive to repair.


No glass containers!!!


Swimmers who are not toilet trained must wear health department approved swim diapers. Little Swimmers, pull ups or other disposable diapers are not allowed.


Ongoing lessons must be paid for in advance at the beginning of the month or at the beginning of the session. Half hour lessons are $50; one hour lessons are $90. If you need to cancel a lesson, 48 hours notice is needed or you will be charged for the lesson.


I teach rain or shine. Lessons are stopped only if there is lightning.

Swim Safely, Swim Smart and Swim Well!





My daughters have been taking lessons with Coach Doug for two summers now and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a private swim teacher.


First of all, his backyard pool is the temperature of a nice warm bathtub. Students hate to leave the pool.  Kids love that he provides crunchy snacks and water, in addition to Otter Pops and Red Vines afterwards.  


My older daughter joined swim team at the advanced old age of 7 and could barely swim 25 yards--she left her first practice in tears vowing never to come back.  She worked with Coach Doug every week and received individual, specialized instruction that focused on technique, not on speed.  As he explained to her--that will come as her technique improves.  


She kept plugging away and with his guidance and instruction, she not only improved her times, but more importantly her confidence increased.


She will never be the fastest swimmer, but the stroke techniques and self confidence she gained are reward enough.


My younger daughter is making progress too. Even if she doesn't join swim team, she'll be equipped to if she decides to when she's older.


He is very responsive to e-mails and will specialize lessons to accommodate students' needs/requests.  I have seen very accomplished swimmers come for one or two lessons to refine their strokes to give them the edge to make County, as well as adults who want to learn how to swim.  


Coach Doug is not inexpensive ($50/half hour, $90/hour), but worth every penny.  He starts in the early spring and teaches through August. If you are in need of a great teacher, give him a ring!


Suzy (Lafayette)


I am looking forward to getting back in the water here starting in the Spring of 2020 and will keep you posted on all of the details.


If you have any swim questions, please feel free to email me at  or check out my Doug Senz Swim Lessons Facebook page or call me at    



Thank you!


Thank you!